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Hcg for treating IC?????

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  • Hcg for treating IC?????

    I have been thinking a lot about trying the synthetic hormone hcg to help with my IC. Anyone tried this or heard of anyone trying this?

    I have an appt with my dr this week to discuss it with her, but was wondering if anyone had heard of this before. When I first got dx'ed, my dr told me that instead of starting a bunch of drugs/treatments, I should just get pregnant, since he knew I wanted kids. He hoped that getting pregnant would send me into remission -- and he was right my IC did go into remission (although I still had pain caused by PFD). I learned that a lot of ICers go into remission when they get pregnant. Unfortunately when my breast milk supply dropped, my IC came back. Now, 2 years later it is probably the worst it has ever been.

    I am desperate for some relief and do not want to increase the amount or dose of pain meds I already take. And my boss stopped paying our health insurance in January of this year (and then laid me off a couple months ago), so I am a cash pay and have to keep the expenses low. So, with all this hype about the hcg diet and seemingly how easy it is to come by the stuff, I was thinking that if I could perhaps trick my body into thinking it was pregnant, maybe my IC would go back into remission or at least give me some relief.

    If you have any experience with this, or have heard of anyone using this, please let me know.


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    I should mention to that I have absolutely no intention of doing the diet....just wanted to see about getting some relief from my IC.


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      The amount given to people for the diet is way less than the amount a pregnant women make.

      You should goggle what else HCG is used for before you go down this route. I am not saying don't ask you Dr. I would just research it and it's side effects more before trying it.

      I did the HCG diet, and did great on it but I really think it was limiting the amount of food and limiting my food intake down to about 10 different items.

      I for one did not go into remission with any of my pregnancies, last preg I flared so bad I spent a week in hospital and 2 Mons on bed rest. I was way too sick to move anyways, and the pain was unbelievable.

      I would ask how many people got remissions with all of their preg or some.

      I am not trying to be opposed to your idea, I just think you need to look into it a bit further.

      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.