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  • Supra-pubic catheter

    I have been in the grip of a massive ic flare-up for the past couple of months with severe pain and getting up often 12-15 times a night. I am desperate for some relief. My urologist has suggested I try a supra-pubic cathether which I am having inserted in a week's time. I am hoping it will enable me to get some sleep at night then during the day I can turn it off and void normally. The continence nurses I have seen are concerned that it could make my symptoms worse as the balloon that holds the catheter in will be touching the damaged bladder wall and causing irritation, and possibly a greater feeling of pressure. It is a bit of a worry but the hospital has arranged for a community nurse to visit me at home the next day, and the nurse will take the catheter out straight away if I say I can't tolerate it. Has anyone else been offered or tried a supra-pubic catheter? I would be very interested in hearing any one else's experience of it.
    Diagnosed with severe IC Feb 2008. Symptoms since 2004
    C5/6 fusion 2004. Chronic pain in neck and arms
    C4/5/6/7 posterior neck decompression December 2012
    Treatments tried for IC

    Hydrodistension - made me worse for 5 months
    DMSO installations (2) - second one caused so much pain that Dr decided not to do any more.
    Numerous oral medications for the bladder, none of which helped.
    4 treatments of Botox injections - minimal success.
    Permanent Interstim implanted August 2012 - nil benefit so removed May 2013
    Bladder nerve cauterization March 2014 and April 2014