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How Many of You Use CBD Oil?

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  • How Many of You Use CBD Oil?

    Hi Everyone,
    I have just ordered my first bottle of CBD Oil (due in the mail this Tuesday) after hearing how it has helped others suffering from I.C.
    I wait with restrained optimism, as we all know how it goes with I.C....what works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for another.

    I'm just curious how many people here have been using CBD Oil and actually see a significant improvement in their IC symptoms from it (My main symptom is urinary frequency, not so much pain.)
    For those that are using it, and have seen improvement, how long did it take to see a noticeable change and improvement in your pain or frequency from IC?

    This stuff's not cheap, and I've heard that you might have to try different brands before finding one that works best for you individually,
    but I'm just trying to find out what the average time-frame is for seeing noticable improvement in urinary frequency or pain before I hop from one brand to the next.

    How long do I give a particular brand to work before deciding it's not going to work for me?
    Any advice, suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    IC has taken so much from me, I really want this to be the year that I can get my life back.
    Thank you!

    Treatments I've tried:
    ALL the OAB meds (Detrol, Enablex, Vescicare, Sanctura, Toviax,, Myrbetriq, etc). They either didn't work at all, or gave me bad retention
    Tried PTNS but gave up after 5 sessions with no improvement and a $50 copay every visit...ouch!
    Elavil - Had very adverse reaction to Elavi 25mg
    Bovine Colostrum- saw no improvement in symptoms after 4 months
    Elmiron: Adverse reaction within 2 weeks, had to stop

    Current Tx:
    Cystoprotek : 6 to 8 Capsules daily, helps to a degree especially with nightime frequenc

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    I'm using CBD lotion for painful neck and knee problems --- it's a lotion and nothing taken by mouth. It seems to help with pain.
    Stay safe

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      I've tried the oil for my GAD. Sadly, no effect whatsoever.


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        Hello! I tried it for IC pain and spasms. The brand available at our Fresh Life store is, 'That's Natural' CBD Hemp Oil. You can find it online at If you click on the 'Home' section, it will tell you everything you want to know! It's grown in Colorado and their website says it's legal in all 50 states, but when I just did a quick lookup on that, a Forbes article said it's not, which I didn't know until just now!

        The type I used was in dropper form and directions said to start with 1/2 to 1 full dropper under tongue for a few seconds, and then swallow. If no relief is felt, add another 1/2 dropper. My husband picked it up for me and chose the unflavored type, but it was also available in peppermint and orange flavors. The orange would definitely be off-limits for IC sufferers, but if I knew he was buying it, I would have chosen the peppermint! Unfortunately, after two weeks I realized it didn't work for me. Plus, the taste and oily texture were too strong and made me nauseous. My hubby used it and it worked GREAT for his knees!

        I realize this a new response to a 4-year-old post, but I thought it might help someone!


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          I bought some and it works in a very subtle way. It certainly doesn't knock out pain all day. I'm going to try some tonight as I haven't tried any in a while. Lazarus naturals seemed like they had the best prices and they seem legitimate.


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            I tried the CBD oil, peppermint flavor and very yummy. I got it from our local food Co-op. I used it for two weeks with no results one way or the other so gave up. My main pain is pelvic floor pain and pain when urinating. Didn't see any difference. Kind of funny story. I was referred to a urologist at the University Medical center, one who has done a lot of work with IC. At my visit I asked her about CBD oil. She said she has patients who swear by it. I asked if it really worked or was a placebo effect. She laughed and said "Who cares, if it works it works. Besides, it can't hurt you so why not, go for it".


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              Judy... why not try a different brand with more CBD?? Make sure, too, that it is pesticide free. Ask for the testing results when you buy it and if they don't have any testing results, don't buy it.
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                Originally posted by icnmgrjill View Post
                Judy... why not try a different brand with more CBD?? Make sure, too, that it is pesticide free. Ask for the testing results when you buy it and if they don't have any testing results, don't buy it.
                The Co-op where I buy it has 3 levels of CBD oil and they did say it is pesticide free (nearly everything in the store is organic). They have mild, full strength and raw. I bought the full strength. I didn't ask what raw means but I'm going to stop back tomorrow and get more information. They have a section with a trained employee just for the CBD products. Don't know how much that means, but she seems to be very knowledgeable. I follow the restricted diet which lead to severe kidney stones (had surgery to remove a "gravel pit"). I'm now taking Potassium Citrate to prevent more stones since I can't drink the 10-14 glasses of water recommended each day. I know the Potassium aggravates my IC but I'm more terrified of what I went through with the stones. After 77 years of an active and healthy life, I never expected something like this! I'm so grateful every day that I have a hubby who is so supportive and helpful. And thank you, Jill, for this wonderful forum.


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                  I posted in another area before remembering this area. Heck I’m old, what can I say. I kept up with the CBD Full strength spray. Today, for the first time in years, I’m feeling pretty good. I can move around with very little pelvic pain. No pain when I urinate. Is it the CBD? I can’t say but maybe.