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Charlotte's Web, so many choices, which to choose?

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  • Charlotte's Web, so many choices, which to choose?

    Hi there,
    To anyone using Charlotte's Web CBD, and having success with it, how did you choose which one to take? They have so many choices, and they're expensive so I'm trying to make a good choice the first time out. I tried taking the quiz on their website, but when I click on "as little THC as possible" I get one choice, but if I click on "unflavored" just in case flavoring would bother IC, I get a different choice. I really don't know which one to buy for severe IC/pelvic pain (and Fibro pain and anxiety too).

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    I have tried many different CBD products including oils, gel caps, vape pens, the works and have spent tons of money on it. I have found that CBD along just makes me feel kind of funny and a little cloudy in the head. I then tried CBD + THC in a gel cap at a 4:1 ratio. I took it at night a few hours before bed (as it often takes up to 2 hours to kick in) and I slept like a ROCK. Due to the THC of course. I didn't feel high upon waking just a little tired and groggy. The brand I have used is Care by Design. I'm not up to speed on Charlott'es Web CBD but it seems like a touch of THC in combo with the CBD helps with pain better than CBD alone. Just my thoughts!