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  • Neuromodulation

    My name is Michele. I am a registered nurse and would like to share my story of ic. I was 17 when I noticed I had pain of feeling like I needed to urinate way beyond the normal with excruiating pain,feeling of bees or a torch inside me in the vaginal area. Daily I would feel as I had to urinate all the time even though I did not have to urinate and it never left and then would have the flares 2 to 4 times weekly. I did urinate more than normal but not excessively as some patients with ic....mine is more of pain. Sometimes my flares lasted several days straight. Took me till I was 24 to get diagnosed and I am now 44. I went through numerous physicians in alabama and Georgia. I had numerous DMSO treatments,cystoscopies,lidocaine drip,elmiron,antispasmodics,anesthetics,antihistamines,numerous pain meds,herbs,anti anxiety meds. Nonthing helped. I have had the spinal cord stimulator placed in July after having the trial done in June 2017. It helps with everyday pain and flares. Helps 60 percent of the daily pain and 40 to 50 percent with my flares. I just wanted to let people know I had it done by Dr.Maddox in Anniston alabama and he uses 4 leads instead of 2 and it is a Boston scientific stimulator. I am with the understanding that with the reprogramming that it will improve in the amount that it helps. Dr. Maddox is the only physician at this time that does the 4 leads of my understanding and he has been supportive,patient,and understanding every step of the way. I am currently the only patient he has with ic. I wanted to let ic patients know that he is there to help and there is help through the stimulator. I hope many more patients suffering like me can reach out to get that help whether it be from Dr. Maddox or another physician. I will repost as time goes on with the progress of my reprogramming. Best wishes, Michele.

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    Re: Neuromodulation

    to the IC Network. I'm glad you found us.

    And --- thank you for sharing --- keep us posted on how you are doing.

    Where is the device implanted --- I know the interstim is in the buttox (at least usually).

    Stay safe

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      Re: Neuromodulation

      My spinal cord stimulator is in my lower back. Thank you for such a warm felt welcome.