I'm researching interstim, but it seems like most of the reviews, comments, threads, etc. are not recent. Most are a few to several years back. I would assume the procedures and device has changed since they first developed it?

My history: I'm a 67 year old man. I've been dealing with urinary problems for about 17 years now. My problem is frequency/urgency. I really have never had pain. I go about 20 times a day (sometimes more) and I'm up at least 3 times a night. I believe I've tried all of the oral medications as well as all of the natural supplements that some people find helpful. None have done much for me. I've been told I have PFD and have done several months of PT along with valium suppositories to help relax the pelvic floor. I really didn't see any improvement with that either. I had one instillation, but catheters are excruciating for me... I recently had urodynamics testing done, which also was excruciating. I really don't know what else to do. I've thought about just living with it.... It's a major inconvenience and I do find myself not going places or doing things I want to do because of having to use the bathroom so often, but I've lived with it this long and I can continue but would rather not!!! Oddly enough, 3 or 4 years ago I went into remission and I was sure my bladder was normal again. I went nearly two years with what I would consider a relatively normal bladder function. I could go to the movies, ball games, etc. without having to "go". I got up maybe once a night to "go", etc. My Badder capacity during that time was probably 12 ounces.... these days it averages about 4 ounces..

At any rate, can anyone tell me what the current thoughts are on interstim? I've read a lot of reviews, watched clips on Youtube, etc. Most of those are a mix of good and bad experiences. Some love it, some hate it. Most of what I've found is not current. So, what I've learned so far hasn't been particularly helpful. the pamphlets and DVD I was given by my urologist are pretty much just advertising by the company that makes the interstim....two ladies talk about their experiences and how great it has been for them...

I'm going to meet with my urologist to go over some questions I have before I commit to this, but for those here who might be able to help I'd like an some unbiased views. here's a few questions...

1. How painful is the procedure (trial procedure as well as the permanent implant)?

2. Has anyone had problems with the sciatic nerve? I've had a few problems with that over the years, but not in some time. I was wondering if this procedure what create a problem with that.

3. Do you have to have the "remote" with you at all times, or just when you first start to make adjustments?

4. My urologist said that if this works for me I could expect to reduce the number of times I have to use the bathroom to 7 or 8 times a day and hopefully only get up once at night to go. Is this realistic?

Last but not least, if you were me what are some other things you might try before the interstim (other than instillations....no way!!!)..