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Interstim and Diarrhea - Evaluation Period

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  • Interstim and Diarrhea - Evaluation Period

    I'm currently in the trial period for the interstim. I'm experiencing a lot of diarrhea since the procedure. My research shows this can be a side affect. I've been working with the urologist daily to try to find relief, but so far nothing is helping. Has anyone else with the interstim experienced diarrhea? I had no problem with diahhrea prior to the interstim.. If anything, I get a little constipated at times, but with diet and exercise that has really not been a problem.

    In regards to the evaluation period, it's been pretty rough. While I was under for the procedure they scoped my bladder. I passed blood clots from that procedure for 4 days....very painful urination. I've stopped passing the clots, but it's still extremely painful to urinate. I tried the medication that is supposed to help with painful urination and burning, but it didn't help at all. So, it's tough to know if the interstim is working because I'm having do many problems from being scoped. I've had no problems with the surgery to implant the wires... I felt nothing and have had no pain from the incisions...