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Pain after urethral nerve block... Help!

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  • Pain after urethral nerve block... Help!

    I had a urethral/pelvic floor nerve block done on Friday and the pain is worse than it was before I went in. I left the hospital with cramping which got progressively worse throughout the day. Now I'm experiencing more frequency as well and I'm worried that I may have an infection (hoping it's a flare and will go down). My urologist is away for a month so I'm hoping someone here may give me some insight into what happened. This was only my 3rd nerve block. The first one worked wonderfully, the second didn't have any benefit, and now this one has caused my pain to worsen. His nurse has advised me to take tramadol in the meantime and to go to an after hours clinic if I think I have a UTI

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    Re: Pain after urethral nerve block... Help!

    I think it would be a good idea to be checked to be sure you don't have an infection working. You could contact your primary care physician's office to rule out infection.

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      Re: Pain after urethral nerve block... Help!

      I really hope your pain gets better, hopefully if it a UTI everything will be better with antibiotics! I am considering a nerve block and my doctor said that the pain often gets worse for a few days afterwards, but if you haven't had this before it sounds like there might be something else going.
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