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How often can you have caudal epidurals?

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  • How often can you have caudal epidurals?

    My doctor has been trying to get me to consider a caudal epidural for about a year. He says that it will probably make the pain worse initially, may give me relief for about a month but will be good for diagnostic reasons.
    I'm quite scared of needles and get very worried before procedures so I'm wondering if its worth going through this procedure as he says that even if I do get benefit it can only be repeated a limited number of times, does anyone know if this is this true?

    I feel like it's a lot to go through for no benefit or even worsening of pain, and if it does make me feel better then I'll be depressed as I can't keep having it done! I feel like he's trying to push this on me as the only way forward which I don't think is true as there are lots of medications I haven't tried yet (and he must be planning something else as he says this is for diagnostic reasons) so thinking about it is making me a bit stressed!
    I've told him I'll take 100 pills a day if I have to, but the thought of having a needle inserted in my spine really scares me
    24 year old UK female with lots of urethral issues, diagnosed with IC through cystoscopy at beginning of 2011 then later diagnosed with Urethral Syndrome.

    Current meds & treatments:
    Lyrica 450mg
    Buscopan as needed
    Cilest Contraceptive pill
    Vicks/lidocaine as needed
    2x Flomax at night

    Tried/past meds & treatments:
    Amitriptyline 75mg
    Cystistat Instillations

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    Re: How often can you have caudal epidurals?

    I suggest you ask what he hopes to learn by the procedure. If there's a good reason and a potential for a way to help you for longer periods, it could be well worth it.

    Stay safe

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