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hypogastric plexus block Side effects!?!

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  • hypogastric plexus block Side effects!?!

    I had a hypogastric plexus block done for pelvic pain. IC and Endo. They won't prescribe pain meds because I'm so young (32) and won't do a hysterectomy to help with the endo for the same reasons. I've had nerve ablations done for my back before with no issues.

    So I had it done @ 7am this morning. Now I have shooting pain and tingling down my right leg, all the way to my foot, and I've pottied myself twice. I'm always a little incontinent with my bladder, but I'm having issues with my bowel too.

    I know lots of people of this site have had this. Any advice? They are pushing really hard for the implant, and I'm really hesitant to do that, and this isn't helping any.

    My urogynocologist is also pushing for more lupron instead of a hyster, and I'm hesitant for that as well. I can't find any positive long term notations about it, and this will be my third 3 month dose in a year. I also had it at age 19 for 9 months. Any advice would be welcome.

    Thank you!

    Endometriosis since 2000
    Andenonmyosis since 2000
    Interstitial Cystitis 2015 (probably 2000)
    Back injury 2001 and many more times since lol

    Too many surgeries to count

    Elmiron 100mg 3xs day
    Amitriptyline 25mg once a day
    Promethazine 25mg as needed

    Radio frequency ablation on nerves in back 2016
    hypogastric plexus block 2017

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    Re: hypogastric plexus block Side effects!?!

    You might want to think about a second opinion since it sounds like you have some concerns about what is being recommended for you.

    Stay safe

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