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Has any tried Urgent PC???

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  • Has any tried Urgent PC???

    Hi Everyone,

    Has anyone tried Urgent PC (tibial nerve stimulation) for frequency?
    I'm very interested in trying it since I had such good results with Bion neurostimulator. I'd appreciate any input or advice.


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    Hi. I tried this and did nothing for me, but there are some people with good results. I hope this will work for you.
    Symptoms since 2005
    Diagnosed with IC october 2009 via PST


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      Yes, I tried it and it worked very well for me!
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        have you tried PTNS yet? curious as to results.
        if so, how did you find a PTNS practitioner? did you need a
        dr. referral?
        many thanks


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          I did the PTNS, it didn't do much for me, but I would absolutely give it a try. It doesn't hurt and may help. You don't have anything to lose but time.



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            hi suzanne
            who did the PTNS on you? a PT or dr.?


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              I had it done in the Urologist office. The nurses placed it. It may have helped some. My insurance covered it( I use a military hospital) so I gave it a try. My Urologist said he had better luck using it for frequency not pain. I mostly have pain. Since I got IC I'll try anything to feel better!



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                I did PTNS weekly for a few months. It was fantastic and saved me until my Elmiron kicked in. I go for montly maintenance now but missed my last appointment and have noticed it a little.
                Update! Feeling much better these days and no longer on any meds!

                Pelvic pain began July 2008. Urinary frequency began in November of 2008. IC Doctor says I'm one of the worst frequency patients he has had.

                Things that helped me the most: IC Diet, Elavil (30mg), Elmiron since June '09 (500mg/day).

                Previously tried and quit: one series of six instillations, Neurontin, Ditropan, Oxytrol, electric stimulation to the pelvic floor, Desert Harvest Aloe, Cystoprotek and Flomax, Hydroxyzine (50mg), Alesse Birth control (this helped my period flares when my symptoms used to be bad), PTNS (I think this helped).



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                  I am looking for someone in the N. Florida or S. Georgia area to do the PTNS? Has anyone in this area had it done. I would love to just buy the device myself but company that makes them said they only sell the device to the doctors. I am surprised to not see more post about PTNS. It looks very promising and not very invasive at all.
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                  Alcohol(big time!), Soft drinks. Foods dont bother me.
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                  Conventional medications!!!!!: Nuerontin, Hydroxyzine, Elmiron, Tramadol
                  Tried many other medications... will list later


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                    Yes, I did it weekly for a couple of months with no results. I think if you are new to I.C. it has a better chance of working. I had I.C. for 7 years at that point. It was a waste of time and money.


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                      I ran into this with another type of device, they wanted to rent it too me for more than a $1000 per month, my son needed to use it for 6 mons min and then again when he had a secound surgery.

                      My insurance was willing to buy it as it was a medical device, but not rent it, I got my insurance to nogociate a purchase of it. Or you could get your Dr. to buy it and sell it too you.

                      This makes more sense to me if you know it works for you.

                      What we went through was a major hassel and the rental place was not happy, but in the long run it was a good thing.

                      We also over time have lent it out for 2 other people to use for a few months at a time, I am sure this is why they only rent as then they have a captured mark for the device.

                      good luck finding an answer. MG
                      My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.