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  • constant urge

    I have had iC issues for 7 years with urge/ frequency and hesitancy being my main issue.
    As itme passed PN issues emerges and eventuallyLong stroy- I couldn't sit... and becam homebound..

    I am a friend of ICsmiles... our issues are similar in some ways but not in others.
    Like her those I felt disabled enough by my PN pain to recenlty get a pain pump..
    Sicne then my IC issues have flared a lot - (the above issues) . --severe urge...and some hesitancy -varying for no rhyme or reason at times.
    We are trying to figure out the reason,,but some docs/nure think its where they placed the pump...near bladder due to my small size...others disagree adamantly, saying the pump is only subcutaneous (just under the skin and couldn't bother the bladder. These differences of opinion are confusing,
    but I just want to get relief from the strong urge and the hesitiancy in peeing.
    I have seen a new urolgoist ... he.\has some ideas,
    tho some of the meds her suggested could cause more hesitancy,as I am prone to it from meds and I am reluctant to try and make it worse.
    Urgent PC is another idea..which interests me.
    Any ideas on how to reduce this horrendous urge which wakes me up in strong... would be so appreciated.
    Thx everyone!

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    Sorry for typos,, I proofread too fast


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      Have you tried Elavil? I am hoping it helps me! Just restarted 2.5 weeks ago. Fingers crossed!
      Diagnosed with IC in May 2011

      Current Medications:
      Elmiron 400 mg daily
      Imipramine 75 mg daily


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        Originally posted by KristinKathryn View Post
        Have you tried Elavil? I am hoping it helps me! Just restarted 2.5 weeks ago. Fingers crossed!
        Hi Kristin
        Yes thanks, I tried ELavil, but several years ago (2006) It was one of the first medicines I had some hesitancy peeing with.
        My first urologist gave it to me, I had that symptom for the first time in my life.
        It scared me and I stopped it right away. I was so surprised/scared by the side effect (the worseningof my symptoms)
        that I jumped and got off it right away...
        over the years I had the side effect from meds but not others...It may be the class of meds.

        My body had changed since then, so who knows if I would have the same effect now??..One doc pointed out it might be worth re-trying! I sooo hate that hard to pee feeling) one of the main and worst IC symptoms for me.. that I've been afraid to try many meds...
        Lots of people have luck with Elavil tho... so Good luck and hope it helps you!
        How long must you wait unitl you see if i helps?