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Thinking of trying electroacupuncture

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  • Thinking of trying electroacupuncture

    I live very far from any practitioners who do ptns, so I am thinking of trying electroacupuncure with the guidance of my regular accupuncturist who has agreed to research into this with me, but will not do it on me. He has said that he will help me get the equipment and supplies, and will teach me the accupuncture point needed, and will watch over me the first few times to make sure that I do not hurt myself.
    Can anyone who has done ptns, or if anyone else has looked into this option give me any guidance? I do not want to impinge on any copyrights or anything, but interstim (which I was offered) looks really scary to me, and this looks like a viable option.

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    Re: Thinking of trying electroacupuncture

    Have you considered giving a TENS unit a try? It works by administering tiny shocks and can be very effective against pain. The good thing is that it just has electrodes that you place on the skin and they can be easily removed.

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      Re: Thinking of trying electroacupuncture

      I used a TENS unit for chronic pain a long time ago, when they first came out with no luck. What I am currently looking for is not pain relief, but OAB relief. I fortunately am one of the few that doesn't have much pain with my IC as long as I stick to the diet religiously. I am really researching this and am currently wondering if I can actually buy a real unit from the company and get it payed for. The electroacupuncture doesn't look like a really good option on further research. Does anyone else have anything to say? Anything at all?
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        Re: Thinking of trying electroacupuncture

        I called Urgent PC, and they never sell to patients. I am now in the process of trying to get my local OB/GYN to get one. I told them about all of the posts here on IC-network about problems with interstim, and hopefully, they will try.