Hi everyone!!
So my last post was all positive and stuff, how quickly things can change I saw a new doctor yesterday and he suggested ptns therapy. I'm so confused, my only symptoms are urinary retention, pain with urination, and feeling like I constantly need to pee. OK having said that I told the doc my symptoms. I do not have bladder pain, I do not get up at night to pee. All the typical ic symptoms I honestly do not have. He did a exam and felt my pelvic muscles, tight I know this I'm in pt. He said OK I'm going to press on your bladder this will hurt. Nope it did not hurt just made me feel like I need to pee. He kept doing it I said I'm going to pee on you. He looked confused and decided to cath me, now mind you I had peed twice since getting to his office and only drank a cup of tea. He cathed me and he goes oh wow you are retaining a lot....I said yeah probably like 250 right?? He goes yeah exactly 250!! I always retain that same amount and I always pee the same amount, like 30-100cc hence my frequent urination being caused by my retention. He is checking into my urodynamics that I had. He said I could have something called urethral stenosis or dysenergy? ??? This is when the urethra tightens when my bladder contracts instead of releasing. OK so now That I got all of that out...can anyone relate??? And does ptns help urinary retention? ? Thanks guys!! I'm at a loss because I'm going to pt, eating really strict, and it's depressing to never get ahead my retention is still the same. I can't cath I'm in pain from him doing yesterday!! I just don't know where to go or what to do. If anybody can suggest a doctor who specializes in retention I would appreciate. I will travel anywhere at this point!!!! Hope you are all doing well!!