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  • If you are on facebook, this is any EXCELLENT group to join. Many of the people in the group have had good results with the Interstim!! Good Luck!!!/groups/4...92633/?fref=ts
    Diagnosed with IC in May 2011

    Current Medications:
    Elmiron 400 mg daily
    Imipramine 75 mg daily


    • Klziger,
      Hey I am just reading your post...I know it was from a little while back but I am doing the trial now for retention. I get the permanent one implanted this Friday. I see that you were using catheters and couldn't be intimate with your husband... I have the exact same symptoms. The interstim trial has gotten me to where I am not using catheters. My husband and I have only been married for a year and 4 months and we haven't been intimate in 11 of those months. It has put a huge strain on our relationship. I am thrilled that you had those results and were able to be intimate with your husband. I have tried everything (hydro's, botox, trigger point injections every 2 weeks, pelvic floor pt, Valium vaginal suppositories). I pray that I have success like you. I am only 26 and would love to have a child one day...right now that seems to be only a dream. I hope you are still having those great results!!


      • I wish I had results for retention! I had the trial years ago, before I had 2 kids. I was born with neurogenic bladder but have "only" been self-cathing since 2001. I hate having to cath every time I go to the bathroom mainly because it is embarrassing to have to carry a bag with a cath in it, but at least I am a woman and have a purse. Still, I need to get it every time I have to go. The interstim trial did NOTHING for my retention and now that I have 2 kids I'm hesitant to do another trial ever. The dr. had told me that until they find a "cure" for spinal cord patients (I am not one but the brain signals to "let go" of urine are the same I guess), that there is nothing I can do.

        Good luck to you and keep us posted!

        What caused everyone's retention?
        Feel Free to Private Message me or E-mail me at
        [email protected]

        Altough I have had IC symptoms in the past my main issue is urinary retention - I am DESPERATE for an answer. I have to self-cath every time I go to the bathroom and have been since 2000. I feel helpless. Any advice would be appreciated.

        Interstim Trial on 12/21/07 - Didn't work so no InterStim for me


        Worked - Ditropan 15mg (and helps you sleep!) Off it now though

        Didn't Work - Vesicare, Enablex, Detrol

        Macrobid 50mg/day for to ward off infections
        Self-Cath (can't go on my own!) for retention
        Birth Control - Nothing- Quit Yasmin (It's a Diuretic!)


        • My bladder doesn't contract, drs have no idea why. My IC specialist says he has a handful of pts with both that he can't find a reason for.

          I am not on any meds which would cause this. Lots of meds make it worse, but I don't take any of them.
          My are with you all. May you all find a way to peace and joy in your lives.