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How to approach my uro about interstim

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  • How to approach my uro about interstim

    My uro is standoffish on new ideas, but tries to go with my suggestions. I have had nine hydros, tried every med. and instillation under the sun, and I thought if I had this procedure done, maybe I could cut back on my meds. I am a zombie 24/7 from my meds. Is this procedure covered by Medicare? I have been perm. disabiled for six years. Thanks for the support!!!

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    Hi Moira:
    Well first of all does your Uro do the InterStim procedure ??
    That would be a very important questions to ask and he does if you could talk to one of his patients about the procedure would be a benifit to you Moira ....
    I would look under the web site for a doctor, they are listed all over the states ok..
    I live in Canada and my procedure was covered by my health plan , they paid for it all !!
    I do know of some of the girls posting from the states were covered by their insurance..
    I will let them tell you about that as I don't know much about your health coverage in the states ok !!

    I also read as much as possible about the InterStim at
    Also ask lots of questions on this board to, lots of have the InterStim Implant..

    You have to do a InterStim trial first of all to see if it would be a benifit to you in the first place ..

    I had my InterStim Implant now for over two years and blessed each and every day with the wonderful results ...

    Good luck on what you decide and anymore questions ask away , we are all here for you ok..

    Hugs ebbie
    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      DebbieB...Thanks so much for answering!!! I will take your suggestions to my uro next week....Happy Fourth!!!!