First of all I'd like to thank Yvette for posting and qualifying that there are indeed two types of modulators.
I now have a question about the two kinds of modulators out is for pain and one is for freq. and urgency...I had one dr. perform stage one interstim when my main prob. was pain, needless to say it didn't help me, and I had it removed. I was so angry that he told me it would help my pain.
If anyone is out there knows the difference ....for ie., where is the modulator placed for pain vs. freq. and urgency. From what I understood from a dr. I consulted, that the one for pain, would be placed around L3, but the wire would be connected to the sacral nerves, and I thought thats where my stage one was placed.Did I miss something? I know the device looks the same....hmmmm, I suppose i could call Medtronic and ask.
Its so great that you are all there and we can share like this....Hugs to all