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Questions about interstim- very specific

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  • Questions about interstim- very specific

    Can anyone say specifically what points the interstim is set to stimulate on the spine? Is it S2 and S3? Is it ever S1? For those who have it and find it successful, please say specifically what symptoms you have found relief for? If pain is one of them, did your pain include clitoral pain? Also, did you ever try a selective nerve block before you got the interstim? If so, how does your experience compare?

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    I'm guessing you are considering this with our shared Dr. He explored S3 and S4 on me. S3 is the most common. I've heard atleast 1 patient mention S2. I have not heard of anyone using S1.
    If you choose to explore Interstim, I can definetly help you navigate through the trials. Unfortunately, Interstim is not an answer for me. But I totally support anyone who is going to explore this treatment. I know it has helped many people.
    Sorry I can't answer your questions about clitoral pain. I can tell you that during my last trial, I did feel stimulation in the vagina and near the clitoris. I don't know if you'd actually want stimulation directly on the clitoris.
    take care,