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  • tigger_gal
    are you still on the boards??? I was wondering how you are doing and if you had done the interstim? I got mine in April 16, 2001 and have had great sucess...

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  • DebbieB
    Hi Brandy:
    Welcome to the IC board!!!!
    I have had the InterStim Implant for over two and half years, I am the moderator on the Nerve Stimulations boards on this board..
    That is another name for the InterStim ok!!

    I am doing just wonderful with the InterStim!!
    You could go to the web site on the InterStim at
    You can read all about it ok..

    Just find out if you doctor has had lots of experience in doing this procedure and ask to talk to one of his patient that had the InterStim done ok..
    Gets lots of information about the InterStim ok..
    I did all kinds of treatments and had taken lots of medications and this was my last resort to do the InterStim...
    It does not help with pain , but is does help your frequency and urgency...
    You could private email by looking at the top of where it is say posted on the date, you will see a little picture of a letter click there and you can private e-mail me ok..
    If you have anymore questions please posted on the Nerve Stimulation: Undergoing Trials or Surgery ok, or go read some of the posting on it ok..
    Good luck on what you decide to do ok!!


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  • Brandy
    started a topic Interstem


    I am on my doctors list of candidates to try this thing they inert in your back called an interstem, please if you have tried one please write me. Thanks... I hope everyone is doing good...hugs :eek: