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interstim and pelvic pain

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  • interstim and pelvic pain

    Hello everyone,
    I posted a message similar to this one before
    but can't find it on the board. I am interested to hear if anyone has had success
    with interstim and pelvic pain specifically
    I have quite troublesome pelvic pain...and
    my doctor suggested an interstim trial.
    I am also interested in knowing whether
    it's better to have a regular trial or a stage trial. thank you please email me directly if you wish at [email protected]

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    I sent you an e-mail from when I had written to someone else about my InterStim experience. I have kept it to give to others.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

    ([email protected])


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      The Interstim helps my pain only in the form of urgency. But I still have pain from IC. The only pain it helped was the severe pain I feel right before I have to pee. I still have pain at night and I still have pain with flares.



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        Hi anam:
        Your message is still on the board just click the board that says:ยป Nerve Stimulation: Undergoing Trials or Surgery and look up your posting you had it under interstim ok..
        You have some posting back to you there ok..

        Hugs: Debbie
        Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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          I know quite a few people who say it helped their pain, not sure if its pelvic, or bladder or what, they just call it their IC pain.
          My trials were wonderful, I had two and they helped the frequency mainly and also took the pressure away and eliminated my spasms.

          I have only had two regular trials and so I cant tell you about the staged one. I may be doing that again in the fall as I am having someproblems with my implant.