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    I wanted to see of any of you out there have the Medtronic Neurostimulator for pain. I have had the InterStim trial and had no pain relif. If so, how was it? Did you get good results? Did you go to a pain scpecialist for this? Were other things tried first, ie medications or nerve blocks?


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    Hi I have a medtronic interstim device used to treat my urgency and frequency I have found it helps with the pain also but not 100 percent. I feel the unit has been a gift from god. I am not growing more independent and my need for pain medications are decreasing significantly. I still have flares but they are manageable with the pain meds and heat. I feel the interstim has given me my life back. I pray you will find this helps you also


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      Hi Nichole,
      Medtronic does have neurostimulators for pain.

      It should be made clear that Interstim is not for pain. No where in Medtronic's website does it claim that Insterstim will cure pain. Unfortunately doctors and pain clinics are claiming it does. Should some patients get relief from their pain symtpoms, it is merely a bonus, and should not be counted on as a sure thing.

      I'd be curious to see if they could give IC patients an Interstim for the bladder symptoms AND a neurostimulator for the pain aspect.

      I've had the Interstim for almost a year now, and I have to say it has helped with the urgency frequency. The best thing you can do is research these items. I foud their website to be very valuable. You can visit them at
      I wish you good luck with whatever you choose.

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        Hi, I have had the (SCS) Spinal Cord Stimulator attempt twice, I say attempt, because they could not get it down my spine because of arthritis s/p and they said in order to give it a fair try, they wanted it to go up from the base of my spine, needless to say I felt nothing, it could not work because of the arthritis in my spine. So they had to do the final resort. I have a pain pump implanted in my left side with cath wires that go around and hook onto the nerve that leads to the bladder, I have morphine in my pump, there are lots of other medicines that they can put in your pump.Everything is under my skin, so there is a less chance for infection. The pump is made by Medtronics and is equiped with a alarm that will sound if there is a malfunction. or if I need the pump filled, but the doctors try to get you in two weeks before the date to fill. I would not be alive if it were not for the pump.If anyone wished to email me, please do so. [email protected] Thanks for being here.