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Dr Payne, my Stanford uro is talking interstim for me...???

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  • Lady J
    Thank you. I just may contact you when I'm ready to seriously think about this. Right now it's hard to focus on it and difficult to make any decisions.

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  • Dr Payne, my Stanford uro is talking interstim for me...???

    Ugh. My IC has been bad lately. He took me off the elmiron because not only did it give me headaches, it showed no signs of increasing my bladder capacity. He thinks I have a chance with the interstim of getting off neurontin and of increasing my bladder capacity. I trust none of this- it's just hard for me to imagine that although he is a a hardworking caring doc, his shoulder shrugs about when the pain gets clitoral makes me disinclined to try this. I wouldn't stop neurontin if there was still clitoral pain. It seems that the clitoral nerve pain is caused by the pelvic floor muscles spasming and that is often caused by tightening them in reaction to the bladder nerves urge feeling. But that's not the only reason they tighten! I do have a lot of frequency. I have to pull over and pee in bushes. It's hard to get a full night's sleep anymore. I just don't know if I want to take the chance of making things worse. Everytime I go through any procedure where drugs of any sort are used whether it's for the pain clinic or broken bone surgery or stomach junk, it always makes my bladder worse. Hell, going to doctors makes everything worse. I don't know what I'll do but I know it's going to be a long time before I really make my mind up.
    How can that thing stay in place after it's inside of you? Seems like people have problems with it moving all the time? Has anyone had it under blue cross ppo plan? Can you get some sort of promise that they will pay? Can you be active with it- like swimming, walking, lifting weights, going on the excercise machines at the gym, having sex? How often does it tend to move and what sorts of problems does it cause when it does move?