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To Debbie: What were your sympotms before interstim?

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  • To Debbie: What were your sympotms before interstim?

    Hi Debbie and anyone else who reads this. I am considering interstim for the end of August/beginning of September. I will be put on the doctors surgical schedules then. Can you tell me what your symptoms were before the interstim and what it helped? Thanks

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    HI TMBA:

    Well it all started after giving birth to my daughter , she will be 20 this month and I started having bad bladder infections all the time and would end up in the hosptial on IV medication as oral medication did not help me..
    Then as the year went on I was on so much medication and I try Elmiron and I did DMSO and Heparin Intillations and I had about 14 cystoscopic done and I had two hydro distention and nothing seem to help me ..

    Then I was told is was IC and then I did some test and was told it was PFD, pelvic floor dysfunction not IC , the pain was terrible in my pelvic area and the burning was awful and then overnight, just like that I passed out from real terrible pain and found myself laying on the floor and this is when my Urethral tube had gone partly paralized and from that day on I had to self-cath myself for over two and half years...
    At this point before the Urethral tube went I was going up to 63 times a day to pee, it was the most awful thing in my life.

    I was in such stock and very depressed
    at this point so I did Urodynamic and biofeedback and was told about the urethral tube being partly paralized.....
    I found this wonderful doctor that told me he could help me and this was by doing the InterStim Trial and the trial was a success and then I had the InterStim Implant done on April 20,99 and it has help be able to pee on my own now the frequency and uregency are much better with the Implant..
    No pain but some with IC still have the pain..
    I am blessed each and everyday of my life too!!
    I did not work for 10 years and I am now back to work part time and doing just great too!!

    Get all the informations you can and read all you can on the InterStim device, go to and the maker of the device is and you can call for a video about the procedure at 1-800-510-6735.
    Also most important that the doctor you have has lots of experiences at the doing this procdure and ask if you can get in contact with one of his patient would be a great benifet to you too!!
    It sure help alot to have a doctor that knows what he is doing in this procdure too.

    So if you get good results from the Trial by up to 50% out take of urine , then you know the Implant will help you but if you don't then I would try doing some other treatments out there ok..
    So follow you heart and do what is best for you only !!
    I am here to give advice and support you at anytime TMBA..
    I am not a doctor just someone that has wonderful results from doing the InterStim and remember we all are so different with this procedure , some it will help and others do not get any help from this procedure..

    Good luck and keep in touch too!!
    Sorry so long, I just wanted to get as much as I could in this message ok..

    Hugs: Debbie
    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      I had two Interstim trials and this was my results:

      Prior to the test
      peeing 24+ times per day at least once per hour
      Volumes 1-2 ounces per void
      Urgency and pressure and spasms

      During each test
      I went 7-8 times per day and could last 4 hours between voids
      My volumes went up to 6 ounces
      I slept almost through the night getting up at 6am only.
      My spasms, and pressure went away

      This was during my test, I have since had the implant done and having some problems with it, but the trials were great.



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        I have lived with IC for 5 years. I have had the interstim a year now. My volumes have increased from 35-50ml before implant to 100 ml(3 ounces)now. I am grateful for the increase.
        I still have pain. I do not take pain killers very often as I do have a good pain threshold (delivered 11 pound baby-12 hours labour without any painkillers). I tend to take pain killers when I am too tired to deal with it mentally. I prefer to use meditation and mental pain transfer methods.
        I also have burning pain in the area of the implant and incisions. My doctor (the same as Debbie) says I will always have that if it hasn't gone by now.
        I do work and have always worked with the IC. I recently changed jobs to one with more responsibility, working with palliative clients. That also puts life in to perspective.
        The interstim has helped me but I am resolved to knowing that I will never be the same as before IC.