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Another question...what does it feel like?

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  • Another question...what does it feel like?

    Is it annoying? Are you always conscious of it? Do you feel it less over time? How does it feel during sex (or do you turn it off then?)

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

    -Nancy R

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    Well, for me the stim I feel has actually HELP my sex life. But I normally feel all the stim in my vaginal/anal area. As far as everyday goes, I don't notice it unless I'm in a major flare.


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      Unless i am having a bad day or something, I usually do not notice the feeling of the stimulation. If i concentrate i can feel it, but i usually have to think about it. My doctor says that while you want to feel it, it should not be uncomfortable at all
      i usually feel it in my vaginal region, but it can be changed to other regions with a reprogramming


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        Hi Nancy:
        When you first have the surgery, you will feel it in the vaginal and anal area as it is a new thing going on in your body also when you have adjustments you tend to feel it more..
        I almost had my now for two years and I never know it is there, I put my remote over it to see if it is working LOL
        I never turned it off while having sex at all and I think it has help my sex life.


        Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!