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Need info on the Stoller Afferent Nerve (SANS)

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  • Need info on the Stoller Afferent Nerve (SANS)

    HELP!! I have had IC since approx 1986 & was diagnosed in 1993. I have tried NUMEROUS treatment modalities & drugs, including many bladder instillation treatments' with minimal relief from my symptoms of pain, frequency, pressure, etc. I have read the info out there on the INTERSTIM, including a lot of the pros & cons associated with the implant. I need to know if anyone out there has tried the SANS---the stimulator that is implanted in the ankle instead of the back. Any success? Where did you have it done? It sounds less invasive than the INTERSTIM & with fewer risks---not to mention much less expensive. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for listening--I am on my last nerve tonight!!


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    I was one of the earliest SANS patients. If you'd like to hear more about it, feel free to call me at: (707)538-9442.


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      I have been looking for information about SANS units. I can't seem to find anything on the Web...UroSurge WWW site is not operational nor their phone number. Does anyone know how to get info? Is there a new company to contact? Thanks for the information! My uro has said he will prescribe it if I can get info on it. I do not know if insurance will cover though...he said it would probably need to be done by a pain clinic. Thanks for any info.



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        Urosurge Co. is currently not in business. There is supposed to be another Co. taking it over within the next 2 months. Jill may have additional info. about the takeover. If I hear anything I will let you know.My uro may do tx's for me if he can be sure of getting supplies. I am very excited about the prospect of trying this tx because it is effective and non-invasive. Feel free to e-mail me :[email protected]



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          I am interested in how everyone with SANS is doing. Seems to a quiet subject, and maybeone we should refresh ourselves on. how is evryone doing??? Is it helping????


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            isn't that for pain?
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