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To Teri whom had her Insterstim redone

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  • To Teri whom had her Insterstim redone


    How did you know that your interstim was malfunctioning???? I'm having terrible frequency and the horrible urge to pee every minute. I've had my Insterstim for 9 months and have done extremely well. I don't have an infection but I did eat some grapes this week. I usually go every 2-3 hours and on a good day every 6 hours. But this week it's been one hell of a nightmare!! Back to my usual half hour to every hour. My question regards to your Insterstim malfuntion. I can still feel the stimulati, did you not feel any stimulation, is that how you knew it was broken? I'm just wondering if there is something wrong with my Interstim.


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    Kara, mine was a very unique case. So, it's not right to compare. With my original implant the only place I felt the stimulation was in my toe, than it moved to my toe and calf and eventually 3 toes and my calf and finally it just quit working. After many adjustments and testing they found that it had just 'quit'. It sounds to me like you are either in a really good flare (I still had flares where the urgency and frequency got bad) or you need an adjustment. I think that since some of us have been having problems we tend to panic when something doesn't seem right. Since you are still feeling the stimulation~that's a good thing!
    Remember, we aren't dr's here. It takes your uro and in my case the medtronics rep, to know where there is an actual problem with the unit not doing it's job anymore.
    PLEASE call you uro and set up an appt for an adjustment. PLEASE.
    I've just gone thru the whole process again. This time with the staged trial. It's been a very very hard thing on me emotionally, especially since I had such great results from the first surgery immediately but we are making progress. As soon as I am feeling stronger I plan on posting about my experience regarding the 'old' trial and this new 'staged' just isn't the time.
    PLEASE call your uro and stop worrying yourself.....when mine quit working it was a gradual thing. It didn't just happen over night. This is a machanical device and they do need tune-ups now and then. To my uro's knowledge I am the first patient that has had the experience that I had so we just can't fairly compare the two.
    wishing you the very very best~
    Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".