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My pain doctor says ANS helps.

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  • My pain doctor says ANS helps.

    My pain doctor has reccommended that I try an ANS device for pain. I have read on the ICA site that it is being tested for pain. My doctor says that she would place the leads in a different location than the Interstim device leads would be placed. Does anyone have any information on ANS for pain relief or have any success stories? Thanks.

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    Hi HP- Please explain more what ANS is. I would be very interesting in knowing more about the procedure.
    IC symptoms began in 1975; diagnosed in March 2006.
    Other conditions: PFD, Migraine, VV, Total Abd Hysterectormy on 12/27,06 for Cervical Cancer, Fibromyalgia.
    Current Daily Meds: Roxicet, Methadone, Flexoril, Flomax
    I use Prayer, Yoga, Relaxation Breathing and TENS to help relieve stress, anxiety and pain- LOTS of make up to hide my true identity!



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      Do you mean SANS?

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        It is much like the sans and the interstim here is the link it is a pain pump

        neurostimulation and drug pump technologies are advancing treatment standards for chronic pain and neurological disorders,
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          Does ANS work for IC pain?

          Tigger Gal,
          Do you know of anyone with IC that has had pain relief from ANS? My pain doctor is considering the ANS neurostimulation device. She says that the leads are placed in a different location than the Interstim device. I read on ICA that it is being used for pain relief on an experimental basis since 2001. I would like to find some research on IC patients that have successfully used this device or talk with an IC patient who has had an ANS implant for IC pain. Has anyone ever written about getting an ANS implant for pain relief on this board? Thanks.



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            Tigger Gal,
            I went to the ANS link that you posted and realized that it was the same ANS device that my pain doctor has reccommended. The site does not have any information on IC patient pain results. Do you know of any information regarding IC patients using this device for pain relief? I am sorry if this post is a little redundant. Thanks.