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  • URGENT PC Neuronodulation System

    Not sure where to post this. So I put it here. I went to my URO today and she gave me a brochure on URGENT PC it is a process that is done in the drs office once a week for 12 weeks. It is suppose to help with urge/frequency kind of like Interstim. Has anybody gone through this?????

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    I Am Reposting This. If Anyone Has Heard Of This, Please Respond.


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      I have heard of it. The treatments are once a week for 12 weeks. The treatments involve sticking a small needle into the muscles above your ankle. I was going to start the weekly treatments but my doc just discharged me because I apparently have too many problems. The representatives at Uroplasty are great. I was working with a man named Paul Sandstrom. He will help you contact your insurance company to make sure the treatments are covered.
      Here is the Urgent PC website:


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        Yes, I was one of the earliest patients of the SANS protocol. You can read my story and experience with it at:
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          is the sans related to or the same as the interstim? are you using this for your ic? This sounds really interesting. I am going in for a revision and getting the newer stim.
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            It is not implanted like the Interstim. Read Jill's journal about it. It is to help with frequency/urge. I haven't decided to do it, one it requires going into the office once a week, that would be about 4 hours out of my day, and two the doctor was not sure Insurance would pay for it.


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              Hey I am new and wishing you luck...

              I hope this works for you...If you do it please tell us how it works. I hope it gives you some relef...Any is good I am new here but on my forth year of IC am trying to make friends and figure out how this sight works but I am sending you a hug because I know how scarry NEW treatments can be and how dissopointing too..