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Interstim And Edema

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  • Interstim And Edema

    Have had permanet in for six weeks and just spent 4 days in hospital with severe edema. Is anyone having any experience with major swelling and/or weight gain? Dr. says no associaton w/interstim. Please advise.

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    no I have had my stim for 4 years on the 16th. I am actually going in for a new trial for the new stim since I fell and broke mine, so to speak, I can't get reprogrammed because it always goes back into the generator.

    so sorry that you are having problems. I do not believe this is interstim releated, but I am not a doctor either.. feel better and good luck.
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      I have had mine for 2 years and no edema problems either.


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        I worked with one patient who had localized edema in her hip area/buttocks. A few weeks after she had a bilaterial implant, her incisions ruptured and fluid drained out. It was pretty awful.

        Also... ICSonja, who has told her story on the boards, had a massive fluid buildup that, weeks later, had to be drained. It appeared to be "rusty" battery fluid. If I remember correctly, her doctor was completely puzzled as to where it came from. I strongly encourage you to be VERY persistent with your physicians and also call the companie's patient assistance lines. If it feels wrong, it could be wrong. Be assertive and demand care.

        There are strange complications to Interstim documented in the FDA MAUDE database. Again, in icsonja's story... she knew that things weren't right... her pain was progressing significantly but they kept attributing it to post op recovery and/or that she needed to be reprogrammed. This went on for weeks, she became horribly ill and when the doctor finally operated, they discovered that she had a deep staph infection. Her doctor had to dissect out the infection, drain copious amounts of fluid. In my opinion, if they had taken her more seriously weeks earlier, it would not have progressed so badly and deeply.

        I'm not saying this to scare you... it's a rare complication but infections do happen and have happened to ICN members.

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          I have had 3 different impants and no edema. I have had interstim for 3 years now I think. They were implanted within a span of one year. If you have swelling, I would definately get it checked out.
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