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Roller coasters?

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  • dancemomof2
    I am sure you may just have to turn it off as a precaution, sure you Dr could tell you this.

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  • anniepie1976
    started a topic Roller coasters?

    Roller coasters?

    I'm sure this is a dumb question but one of the things I told myself for when someday if I could get well is that I will go to a Six Flags or something and ride roller coasters all day!!! It's kind of a dream of mine since I used to be a roller coaster junkie. I've been chicken to try the neurostim yet but I am running out of options and I think I will have to soon. I cancelled my last trial. Does this mean I will never acheive this roller coaster riding dream if I get it? I know it sounds stupid. It's just something I'm really into and I miss (I'm kind of a "thrill seeker"). Anyways, does it make a difference if the stim is shut off or anything?