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pudendal interstim??

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  • pudendal interstim??

    on my 3rd urologist after he examed me 1st thing he
    suggest was sacral interstim i tried it for a day & 1/2
    felt like my bladder was being continual shocked with
    electricty, icky feeling
    now he wants me to try a pudenal interstim?
    it is outpatient surgery to put it in, you have to do the
    test for 3 weeks and try to sleep with a box attached to you
    the size of a large pager!!
    at the end of the 3 weeks if it goes well i would get the permit
    one placed
    heres my concerns i have started to have fibro pain & migraines
    once you have the implant it severly limits your options on what
    you can do in general to control the pain
    also my husband will almost certainly get laid off right after i would
    have my surgery, the nurse there said ever time you get the unit
    programmed its $200, also you have to severly limit your physical
    activity for 2 months if you get the implant
    i might have to take that time off work, no $$ then of course even
    though i only work part-time i am concerned about that too
    any advice??? i just don't know what to do???

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    I have had two Interstim implants with many complications. LONG STORY anyway one of my urologists thought maybe we could try this same implant you are are talking about.
    You state" once you have the implant it severly limits your options on what
    you can do in general to control the pain"
    Why is this? My dr said everything would remain the same so I was just wondering.

    Whatever you decide I would be sure to research and go with what you feel is right for you!!
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