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    I am just starting to look into interstim because a GYN suggested it might be a good idea. I have Vulvodynia and she feels if I get the frequency issue from IC under control it might help the Vulvodynia. Anyone helped by it?

    Here are some of my concerns:
    I have Type 1 Diabetes
    I need to have MRI's because of follow up for a lung tumor

    Help please.


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    It's my understanding that you can't have an MRI with an interstim. I don't have vulvodynia, but there are many here who do --- hopefully you'll hear from some of them.

    Stay safe

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      Doc said this would be next step for me. I DUNNO

      THEY SAY: these things stick out from your clothes and you can never clear airports, groceries etc. again.....that's a big big decision.

      AT this point, I will try to trudge on before doing it.

      Please keep us updated....... I want to hear all about it.



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        Hi Ginny
        It shouldn't be a problem with diabetes but ask your doctor. They told me it would not.
        As far as MRIs you can not have one! This has been a huge problem for me to deal with as I have a brain tumor that they found after the implants.
        I called every MRI place and my drs called every MRI place and not a single one would do it.
        There are a lot of risks to it.
        I was able to get one so if you would like more info let me know. I had to travel 12 hours away to get it.
        I can explain more if needed.
        Whatever you decide good luck and I wish you the best!!
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