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  • Yet another decision!


    I have written about my Interstim implant on our site before and have now been presented with a new decision. My doc did the Interstim implant in early September last year after a five week trial period. So far the implant has helped with frequency and leakage issues. My doc is a NeuroUrologist and is a very good guy.

    Just this past Monday he sat me down to talk about switching to a Precision Plus device instead of Interstim. He told me that the Precision device would help with more of my pelvic pain issues and also do what the Interstim is doing for frequency and retention problems. Precision Plus is made by Boston Scientific and is much more sophisticated technology than the Interstim. It also comes in a much smaller package!! Tiny device--size of silver dollar and about a quarter inch thick!! He said that the surgery would be a snap and that the leads already implanted for the Interstim can be used and that both of the leads could be activated at the same time!!

    The very highest priority for me would be relieving the pain. I have had to receive vaginal nerve block injections for pudental nerve pain and blocks to deal with urethral pain. I go for these nerve blocks about every 3 weeks and need to take Valium an hour before the injections to keep me from flying to the ceiling. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse so these injections send me into flashbacks sometimes.

    I need to make a decision even though he's not pushing me at all. I just want to give this new device a try.

    I'm feeling very teary about the whole thing and just sad and scared about any changes. What a journey this has been!

    Does anyone know about the Precision Plus device? I'd appreciate information and hope we've learned something about this thing before and we could exchange some wisdom about this.

    Thank you so much for reading this and I look forward to anyone's input!
    Take gentle care,

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