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Physician Registry from Medtronic - Is your doctor being paid$$$

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  • icgennifer
    I work alongside Pharma Companies to help them promote their products.

    We utilize doctors and other healthcare professionals to lecture across the country about the products the pharma companies have available. Yes, the docs are compensated and yes, some docs just do it for the $. I've also seen another side to this where the docs have had great success with a product and they want to share their experience and knowledge with other docs so that patients across the country can benefit.

    When the docs accept money from Pharma. companies it isn't necessarily a bad thing.. it can be for clinical research, medical education, promotion.. etc.

    There's 2 sides to every story

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  • bob04951
    OMG Jill. Thanks so much for that information. Shocking really...

    What the heck is a royalty? I suppose if they do so many, they get extra $$$? I was surprised our ex-uro was not on the list, when he wanted to do Bob (we refused) he had 3 men lined up for one day! He had never done one before. We ran real fast! He had just come back from a conference where Medtronics was pushing it. Could just see the dollar signs in his eyes.

    Hope it helps those with just the frequency problem and not necessarily IC, for those it would be a blessing. It is not actually indicated for IC, and how the docs get that through insurances as it is not approved for IC? Do they lie on the insurance forms? Just wonderin' Jill, wife of Bob

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  • Physician Registry from Medtronic - Is your doctor being paid$$$

    Medtronic now has a new full disclosure database online that allows you to search to see if your physician is taking $$ from the company and, if so, for what purpose and how much. It's fascinating!

    Check it out at: