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  • Interstim??

    I went to a new urologist today...he wants me to start Biofeedback for a few weeks...if I'm still in pain, he thinks I should try Interstim...I haven't done any of the more conservative measures (Elmiron, Elavil, Vistaril, etc.)...I've only done the bladder instillations (with no IC is much worse now than a year ago)...the urologist said he would do whatever I want, and if I want to try meds before Interstim, that would be fine...but he acted like very few people have relief with meds and since my pain is so severe, I should go for Interstim...he said he is very selective about who gets Interstim, but he feels I'm a good candidate.

    Isn't Interstim kind of a last resort? After all other methods have been tried first?

    My biggest problem with IC is the urgency and pain with it...Will Interstim help the urgency and pain? The frequency doesn't bother me at all...not even sure if the urgency bothers me, or if it's the pain with the urgency.

    I'm very confused right now! I guess the results from my cystoscopy next week will help me decide.

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    Even the company will not say the interstim works for pain. I totally agree with your desire to try everything else before trying it.

    Stay safe

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      Hey, I got my Interstim implant on the 19th and I took off my pad in my panties. so far no leaking with urge. I have 6 more weeks of doing nothing. The doctors want scar tissue to develope around the wires. I had a kink in a wire on my tailbone, the doctor thought that may have been why I was getting the surges, so he opened that up again and took the kink out. All is fine so far, I just have to keep telling myself not to lean over, reach, squat, or lift anything for the next 6 weeks. The pain med they gave me this time still gave me the itches. I am uncomfortable sitting in my chair so I just lay around. LOL I didnt know the device to change the settings would be so big. It is bigger than my cell phone and I have no room in my purse for it. I wld like to go to the post office and try it out lol...maybe when I am all healed Ill see if I set off any alarms.