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    I bought this great little external electrical stimulation unit at a medical technology conference last year for my back. I found that it helps with my bladder pain too. It is a much better device than what you can buy at a drugstore, but I paid about $100 bucks for it. Its made by HIDOW. I guess I don't see why you would ever implant something that you can use externally, but maybe I am just averse to surgery. The only downside to the unit is that the wires are kind of long. It has four electrodes. I put one on my sacrum and then two on where my back pain is. The thing will run about six hours before it needs to be recharged. I tried the Icy Hot one and I had to replace the batteries several times before it just died. This one has the ability to change the strength of the pulse as well as the type. I have had it for about a year now and I still haven't had to by any new pads (they gave me lots of extras when I bought it.)

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    Nearly a year later, are you still using that gadget? Do you feel it's still helping with bladder control?


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      These e-stim units are growing in popularity. Great question!
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