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Yvette__::sigh:: Sorry, I've got more questions!!!???

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  • Yvette__::sigh:: Sorry, I've got more questions!!!???

    Are ya sick of me yet?

    Well here are the latest ?'s
    • Did you stimulation vary from spot to spot dependingon whether you're sitting vs. standing? (Mine is more active when I'm sitting)

      Did any of your stimulator devices intermittently "die" on you during the trial (I have to keep turning mine on all the time--it shuts itself off)

      I know this question had been asked alot, please answer me even though it may be personal...Where did you feel your stimulation? ( I was getting stimultion in the labia section, sometimes painful too-kind of like having my panties in a bunch...)

      Sometimes the sensation is ONLY in my right buttock, up high--I got the feeling frothe rep it was supposed to be down near the rectum. It is sometimes, but definelty not always, should I be concerned?

      Over time, the actual Interstim will (should?) work better than the trial and will keep working better and better as time goes by? Or am I mistaken?

    For the most part I think its working but I want to make sure I feel what I should. Its been so long since I've been normal I don't think I know what that feels like anymore. Also I want to make sure I get everything ironed out before I get the "actual" implant....whew!!!
    Thanks so much for reading and any feedback you can give. AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE!!!

    CRAP...gotta run I think my trial sh*t the bed for good...:::exasperated sigh:::: WHy is this so difficult for me, am I just Interstim retarded?
    My love to all,

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    {{{{{{{Yvette}}}}}}} I am not sick of you yet, but I don't know a thing about the Interstim Wish I could help!
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      Hi yvette,
      I will never get sick of you , ask as many questions as you want,that's why I am here for you ok!!
      The stimulation never die when I was doing the trail ,as you have it in more, you need to adjust it up more if you don't feel the stimulation..
      I think that what you are feeling..
      I felt it in my labia section and rectum area these are the area you tend to feel the most, ok..
      I had it my rectum area so bad that I could not stand it, ( boy did it ever hurt when you fart. LOL ) but just remember when you have the real Implant ,you can have it adjusted so you don't have it so bad..
      yvette , the real Implant is nothing like the trial, you will not feel it like you do with the trial,I found the feeling much stronger with the trial, with the Implant you hardly feel it at all, just at first when you have it done, as you will have to have some adjustments (in total 4 adjustment for me)
      I also say it is like a having a "tune up"hehehe
      The main thing are you getting out more then you do in your out take of urine??
      Any time yvette ask away any questions ok!!

      Hugs: Debbie
      Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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        I just wanted to comment on something Debbie said. My doctor actually told me that it wasn't necessarily so important if my voiding volume was larger, as long as I felt better and my symptoms were less. Has anyone else been told this? When I had my trial in (the time it worked), I went at 10:30PM, then 7:45AM and then 2:30PM. That was enough for me to know it worked, BUT I was still only going about 4oz. I was able to go a lot longer without having to urinate, but still did not hold much more volume. So, just wanted to say that I'm not sure if that is the most important thing - as I am getting the implant next Friday.

        Best of luck!



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          Dana to your comment about the volume,I was told this, as I had said before I DO NOT have IC at all.
          I was carrying urine up to three days at a time in my bladder..
          Also my Urologist said it was a real good sign if you were able to void in a larger volume..
          Sorry , If I confused you by this statement..

          Hugs: Debbie
          Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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            Wish I could help you too, I don't know anything about the interstim either. Sending you healing thoughts : )

            Ruthie : )


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              The stimulation moves on me depending on how I sit, lay down etc.

              I have the permanent implant and mine does shut down on me at times. I think it happens when I am out shopping from some of the theft detectors because I have received shocks as well.