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Interstim trial wire broken

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  • Interstim trial wire broken

    Hello all. I have been doing so well with my interstim and last night I was feeling alot of pain( which is unusual since I have had this) I investigated since I wasn't feeling that familar tingling feeling and my wires were frayed that went from the external transmittor to my back. I have my permanent implant Monday 10/15 but its going to be a long week til then. Wish me luck. I am so bummed out.
    Ps you all know me by Annette1639 but I couldn't seem to get logged in so I re registered. :eek:

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    Hi Annette:
    I was wondering how were doing with the trial..
    So you were getting good results from the trial then..

    Wish you all the best on the 15th and hope the InterStim Implant give you all the wonderful results I have had from it too!!

    Will be thinking of you on October 15, Annette!!!!
    I hope this little angel will be watching over you to!!!!]

    Hugs: Debbie
    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      Hi Debbie.
      This Interstim has been wonderful til last night I found it helped with pain control and I was down to voiding very few times a day without the urgency and frequency...
      I hope the permanent is as wonderful as the trial was.


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        Is your trial a regular one? (non surgical) or a staged type? It is possible if you had the regular trial that your wire has pulled out some and that is why its not working as effectively.



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          Hi my trial was a surgical implant. the wire is sutured into my back. I don't think this wire is meant to last as long as mine did it was implanted 9/17 oh well. a few more days...


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            hi just wanted to wish you well
            you looked sad

            huggs to you
            sending you
            big mental huggs