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I've got a date and ?'s.......

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  • yvette
    Thank you both so much!! Teri, the anxiety I get is usually leaving the house. I almost go into a OCD-like episode. I try using he bathroom 5-6x before I leave the house. And the bathroom is all I think about when I'm out--to the point I don;t even know I feel somedays. :::::sigh:::::: And that's quite frustrating.

    To Debbie & Teri: I see what you mean about breaking the behavioral patterns that are caused by the physical needs. But now that the physcial needs are ok, its time to break those old habits.

    Thanks so much fo your responses, i do feel better and I got the date definetly confirmed today with a letter from Beth Isreal. WooHoo!

    I can't wait!!!
    My love to all,

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  • DebbieB
    Hi Yvette:
    Seeing I am the one on this board that is much different then the rest of you !!
    I was going about 63 times a day before the bladder muscle die ..
    I now maybe go about 5 to 6 times a day, depending on how much I am drinking ok..
    It is a wonderful feeling to be able to pee on my own again...
    I am so blessed with the Implant and is has changed my life so much..
    As for being anixiety and nerves are a big for me, when I had a job interview Yvette,
    I kept saying I don't have to go pee during this interview, and Yvette , I did not have to either..
    I don't look for a bathroom anymore when shopping and when traveling it is not ME now wanting to stop to go the bathroom, it is a other family memeber, we always laugh about that to, as it was MOM all the time, not now!!!
    So I hope you understand what I am trying to tell you Yvette..
    It such a wonderful blessing for me each and every day and I am so thankful for having this wonderful Implant inside me to..
    I had the InterStim Implant since April 20, 1999.....I am so blessed too!!!

    Hugs Debbie

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  • Teri
    Geez y.......some new questions .
    When you say anxiety, do you mean you have to pee before an important event? Or do you mean before you leave the house? No, I don't have to go before I leave the house anymore. Yes, if it's something very public, like a party or something, I still get nervous and 'think' I have to, I go and sit and maybe get a couple of dribbles and that's about it. Life long habits can be hard to break.

    The oddest part for me was finding something to do with all that bathroom time. I was used to going in there every 15-20 minutes. So, if I were doing something, I would get up to go to the bathroom, and have to tell myself that I didn't have to go so why bother. So, for me, there was retraining of my physical self, does that make sense?????

    I don't look for bathrooms anymore. And, if I have to go, it's very seldom I go into a panic anymore because I know that I can hold it now. We just bought a cottage 1hr 20minutes from home. There was no way in HE*L I could have done that ride before the interstim without AT LEAST 3 stops. The only time I even think of it now is if I'm feeling irritation in the bladder....and I know it's the IC, it doesn't mean I have to pee. Whereas pre-interstim, I would have needed a bathroom because I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference. That total urgency isn't there anymore.

    I don't go potty the same time every day. There are some days I know that I don't pee more than 5 times. Other days I might go 8 or 9....... believe it or not, that's what 'normal' people do. It's a thrill that you will know and glow with You'll find yourself around someone who uses the bathroom alot and for the first time in your life you will notice how many times that person goes potty---bet you don't pay any attention now, huh? You will after you don't have to live in there anymore.

    I did not know that a normal person only went 5-7 times a day until I was 45 years old and a new uro told me. I had never thought to ask. I just assumed that others weren't as vocal as I was when I had to pee....maybe I was so vocal cuz when I had to pee, I had to PEEEEEEEEEE. Now I can actually feel my bladder filling so I know when I have to go.

    Did I help you at all????? I sure hope so. I know that March seems forever away, but it will be here before you know it and your life is going to change SO very very much......

    sending you a ton of love and some fluffy hugs teri

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  • yvette
    started a topic I've got a date and ?'s.......

    I've got a date and ?'s.......

    Hi everyone!!! I got an unoffical date but I'm pretty sure it will be March 5th for Interstim surgery. And I've got some questions bouncing around my brain....

    Dana G. got me thinking with her post regarding "retraining nerves"--Did you all find that your frequncy urgency and the need to scope out every bathroom when you arrive somewhere improved as time passes?

    In your opinion do you feel that the anxiety that many of us face from having to go all the time lessens due to the Interstim OR did most of you feel you had to seek counseling in addition to Interstim (anxiety is BIG obstacle for me).

    Those of you that have had the Interstim for a considerable amount of time, did you find that your body go into a "rountine" of bathroom visits. Inother words are you like clockwork in terms of your visits--are you ging literally at the same time everyday?

    I am asking these questions because Medtronic can't really tell me much becaue the answeres require personal experience and have yet to be determined as fact. I would love to know--right now my personal life is such a mess and I am so sad, the Interstim surgery is the only light at the end of my tunnel right now...please help, Thanks so much!