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I am so confused??

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  • I am so confused??

    Every time after you have the interstim implanted, if you need a Tune Up as they are called....Do they have to go inside of you every single time!!!!?????? Or do they do the adjustments another way. I don't know about you all but having to be cut opened 4 or more times seems like a lot? Can you tell me how they do the tune ups?


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    Hi Kara,
    Please do not worry, you are not getting cut up anywhere Kara.
    The "tune up"( adjustments,there are called) we refer to are done with a computer unit that the doctor has in a briefcase..
    He hook up a object,that look like a end of phone reciever right over where the Implant itself is with you even your clothes on, it takes a few minutes to do.
    He just type on the computer and it does what's he wants it to do, it is so neat, and also how amazing how it does the adjustment to the Implant, he is turning it up or lower and even moving the stimulation in another area, the doctor tells you what he is doing,if not ask him , I alway do!!!
    Don't worry, I just call them "tune up" as do the other girls, as we call each other bionic sister...
    I wonder why your Urologist did not explain this to you Kara??

    Hugs: Debbie

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!