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Period During Surgery??

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  • Period During Surgery??

    I am having my Interstim implant done this Friday and of course got my period yesterday. I was supposed to get it 2 weeks ago and was thrilled because not only would I not have to worry about it during the surgery, but I would also be able to take Advil. Well, I must be subconsiously stressed about the surgery because I got my period 2 weeks late. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows what they do for this. I assume you can't wear a tampon. Do they just put a pad under you or something? Like lying there with my bare butt isn't embarassing enough, now I get to bleed all over the table too! :-)
    Only 3 more days....getting a little nervous..



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    Hi Dana, these ae the things I obsess about. My pharmacist told me if something like this happened to use my birth control (Are you on the pill???) If you are, you could start it today and your period should go away by Friday--then stop it after the surgery so that "it" comes out. You end up wasting a pack of pills, but it would be one less hassle. I know of women who have done this particular technique to work around Vacations and Honeymoons. Other than that, maybe they could give you a pad to hold between you legs. I think the tampons interfere with x-ray. (I found this out the hard way! ) Best of Luck Dana, let us know how you make out...try not to be embarrassed I'm sure they've seen it ALL before!!!
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      Hi Dana:
      Guess What I got my period the day of surgery and had a fever of 104F with it and my surgery was almost cancel..
      I do not have normal period, I have everything from fever to being very ill with bad cramps..
      I was so upset,so the doctor came to see me before my surgery and said he would put two more staff to the operation room to take care of me ..
      Yes, you do wear a very big pad ( the ones they are used when you give birth to a baby kind)
      Yes it is very embarassing, but they are use to it, beleive me..
      They say that our period will come due to the stress of worrying about the surgery, I BELEIVE that one for sure..
      You just wear the pad and they will take care of it for you, the nurses will change it for you and they are so kind about it , so don't worry Dana, really it is nothing to them..
      I know I did not like having it and I also had a catheter in me as well...
      I know how you feel Dana, been there done that !!!
      There is alot of girls that had their period when having the surgery , come to think of it now..
      Will be thinking of you on Friday Dana,I will going away for Christmas holidays,so if I don't post you back after your surgery , just know I am thinking of you and will post you when I get back to my computer on the December 26 ok..
      Take care and I know you are nervous but things will be ok for you, it is really not that bad of a surgery at all.
      Your back will be sore for sometime,but you will be surprise how fast you will be up an around Dana..
      Sending healing thoughts your way Dana:

      Hugs: Debbie

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      Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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        I also had my period for the surgery. They just put something under it and it is no big deal. Also, as soon as you have had the surgery you can take advil or whatever you need for menstrual pain. Just ask your doctor to write an order for it. I took toradol for cramps and I was able to take it post-op.