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Please, I Need your input on Interstim.

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  • Please, I Need your input on Interstim.


    My doctor will start a clinical trial with Medtronic on interstim. The purpose of this trial is to see if interstim is an appropriate treatment for patients in my country. I know it sounds stupid cause Interstim has been approved by FDA. My doctor will have 5 patients in this trial. To be honest, I don't want to be a guinea pig. Now he is asking me to undergo some test to see I can be a candidate. My major problem is frequency, but I guess mine is very mild IC. I pee from 8-12 in a good day and 15-20 in a bad day. So I would like to know for those who are helped by interstim, how many times you peed before having interstim and how many you go now after the implant. Thanks a lot.

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    I think I'd ask my uro to look for someone else to practice on. WITH the implant I pee just a little more often than you do......My IC did progress. If that were to happen to you in the future at least you know it's available.

    tons of hugs~
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      I Agree with Teri!! My dr., also wants me to have the trial done, but I pee 35-40 times a good day, more if its bad day, not including nights.
      I hope this will help you some to make a decision.
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        I agree also with everyone. Before I recieved my interstim I was using the bathroom 35 to 40 x a day and night. Now I go between 8 to 12. Depends if I get a flare. The stim should be used as a last resort. I would be a little concern that the doctor has not done this procedure yet also. When my dr wanted to do me at first I asked him how many he had done and it was very few. I waited several months before I tried the trial. I am happy I have it. But if yours get worse then you can always come back to this option. Hope things go well for you Patricia

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          Hey, I got my Interstim implant on the 19th and I took off my pad in my panties. so far no leaking with urge. I have 6 more weeks of doing nothing. The doctors want scar tissue to develope around the wires. I had a kink in a wire on my tailbone, the doctor thought that may have been why I was getting the surges, so he opened that up again and took the kink out. All is fine so far, I just have to keep telling myself not to lean over, reach, squat, or lift anything for the next 6 weeks. The pain med they gave me this time still gave me the itches. I am uncomfortable sitting in my chair so I just lay around. LOL I didnt know the device to change the settings would be so big. It is bigger than my cell phone and I have no room in my purse for it. I wld like to go to the post office and try it out lol...maybe when I am all healed Ill see if I set off any alarms.


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            I have had the interstim and would not recommend it for mild IC or someone whose frequency is only 8-12 on a regular day....the discomfort of the interstim is worth it if you have alot of flare ups and go 35 to 40 times a day... But not for less.. Good luck...I can't take OAB meds because they give me flare ups but try those or I have heard GNC even has some sort of pumpkin supplement that helps with urgency