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  • Interstim Update

    Hi Everybody!!

    I just thought I should update everyone on my Interstim progress. I had some downfalls with Retention so there were a couple of months of surgery, ER visits, and a uro appt. just about every week for 8 weeks.
    I'm back on my feet once again. I tried one Interstim adjustment to try and fix the retention but as it turned out, it effected the urgency and frequency, so I was put back to my original setting which gave me 2-6.5 hours of pain free relief. I'm now taking a drug called Trazodone as well as Elavil and Vioxx. This combination along with the Interstim has given me the most relief as of yet. I've been sleeping through the night, only waking up twice as opposed to every 2 hours. The urgency and frequency during the day has been impeccable. This week, I've gone 2-4 hours even at work. At home it's even better 3-6 hours. So I am happy to report this news and I'm still an advocate for the Interstim (surgery preformed with only the BEST uro surgeon, whom in my case happens to be Dr. Emmanuel Friedman of Metrowest Urology, Natick, MA).

    I hope others have some good results.

    It takes time and a combination of medication plus Interstim.

    Kara, MA

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    Just wanted to let you know Im glad things are going well for you -JOJO