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  • Where's Your Stimulation?

    I was just curious where you all feel your stimulation with your implant. I just went for my second adjustment and my doctor turned me on pretty high (it feels like the test stimulation right now). My only concern is that he has it on the electrode that goes deepest in to me and I have been feeling it in my buttock. Shouldn't I be feeling this in the rectum or vagina? I'm getting nervous that my electrodes may not be in the right places.


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    Dana, I had that feeling in buttock area , that is normal, I think because he has it up higher, you can feel it more in the buttock area..
    I think you will feel it more today then in a couple of days, if you don't like the feel of it and you don't see any changes in how your frequency is..
    Then I would call back your doctor ok Dana..
    I had my Implant now over a year and half and I can't even tell you now where the feeling of my Stimulation is at all..
    I can not feel it anywhere, sometimes I just put my remote over the Implant to see if is still on
    Dana, it sound like the InterStim Implant is doing what it is suppose to do !!!

    Hugs Debbie

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    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      The important question is whether the adjustment is reducing your symptoms. I feel my stimulation in my rectum, others feel it vaginally. We are all different.

      depending which electrode (you have 4 on the wire) is on you will feel the stimulation in a different place. Did your doc change which electrode is on or just change the level of stim on the same electrode. There are so many different options. Just be patient.


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        Hi Dana, I had my interstim implant last April and we are still adjusting it. Everybody is different and we just need to be patient and not give up. When my setting is high I get to much leg stimulation, so I am at a very low setting and it is about 50/50 vaginal rectal. Sometimes I do not feel it at all and other times like tonight it is a little to strong. Diet and stress still play a big part for me. I have to watch what I eat and not get to upset over things like hanging or pregnant chads.LOL I have real good days and some that aren't but it's better than it was before the surgery. Hang in there and it will get better.


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          Thanks everyone. Although I think you may have misunderstood. I am aware that I need to be patient and that this will not happen overnight. I was just concerned because everyone seems to be feeling their stimulation in the rectum and/or vagina, which some of you stated in this post. I am feeling my stimulation in the buttock as opposed to these places, so I wanted to know if you guys thought that was normal. Debbie seems to think it is, so I'm going to hope that all of my electrodes are placed properly. My doctor showed me my x-ray that had the 4 electrodes starting far out into my buttock and each one getting closer into the rectum. Last week he turned on the one that is closest in to the rectum. When he adjusted me today, I know he turned it up, but I don't know if he switched electrodes. My doctor always has an hour wait in the waiting room, so sometimes he works very quickly and doesn't really chit chat. It is sometimes difficult to ask questions because as soon as he's done, he's walking out the door. I trust him completely and he is one of the best there is, so I try and get in what I can and if I can't, I try and remember for the next time. So this time I was not able to ask if I am on the same electrode, although I have a feeling I am.

          Anyway, thanks again all for your help!