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  • Here's a chance to............

    Ask about the Insterstim.............

    I'm working with a medtronic rep from MA and he wants me to ask you what your questions, concerns, and comments are about the Interstim. He's not as busy or intimidating as some doctors are so you are free to ask him anything you want to, even things you're afraid to or don't get to ask your doctors.

    I will be presenting an educational forum with him in October and need your input, questions, concerns, opinions, and experiences.

    So, Ask away and I'll find out anything and everything you ever wanted to know about the Interstim.

    This is being done for the patients like myself who had so many unaswered questions before and after my surgery.

    I will be posting answers to these questions as soon as the meeting is over.

    Thanks for your help


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    Hi Kara I would like to know his opinion on using the interstim device in regard to treating pain.

    tons of hugs
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