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Interstim and Bladder Removals

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  • Interstim and Bladder Removals

    I am so happy that I don't have to get my Interstim taken out. My new doc asked me to turn mine back on and use it. He said that it will help with my bowel movements, phantom urgency, frequency, and pain, as well as regulate and relax my entire pelvic floor region. It also helps with incontinence for those patients whom are undergoing the type of bladder removal where you will be eventually peeing on your own. His knowledge of IC is INCREDIBLE!! I thought my other doc may have been jumping the gun by wanting to take my Interstim out. I had a feeling that it would be better off staying in. So I am happy to report that Interstim is helpful for patients whom are undergoing or udergone cystectomies. I am looking for some Medtonic Literature on it for proof but it may be a phenomenon that is too new to discuss.

    I don't want to start a debate, I just wanted to let you all know that in some circumstances (where your Interstim was implanted correctly and without failure) it can beneficial to keep your Interstims in for other reasons, not just for IC troubles.....Pelvic Floor Disorders,
    Urinary Incontinence,Urinary Retention, and Coloproctologic Disorders.

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    Kara honey...

    Did the doc say how the Interstim helps with bowel problems. You know that I'm having mine done in a few weeks, and if this could be an added bonus than I want to know about it. My IBS has been out of control for the last few days, along with the flare that I am in. So, what's the deal, chica???

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