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    I went to my doctor today for my fourth adjustment (one a week for a month). I know many of you (actually most of you) said that this can take time, but for some reason my doctor is concerned that I haven't seen any results yet. I am only concerned because when I had the test stim done, I felt the stimulation in the vagina and it worked perfectly. We now can't get the stimulation anywhere near the vagina. It's either in my buttock or the rectum. I know the rectum is good, but I get nervous because the success was vaginal. He made me take xrays today to make sure that the lead didn't move. Thank goodness it didn't. He told me to now go a week with the adjustment we did today and if I don't see results, to turn it off for a week or so to let the nerve rest. We've had the stimulation on since I got out of surgery, so he said the nerve hasn't had any time to relax. Has anyone heard of this? It didn't sound to me like that could make too much difference, but I'm willing to try anything.



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    Your situation sounds similar to mine in that I had went in for 4-5 months of adjustments after my August Surgery with no luck. Only difference is we were trials were felt in the rectum and the surgery was vaginal for me.

    We finally came to realize that my problem was they used S2 nerve in surgery and my trials were both done and got good results from that is why I had to have a revision surgery last week.

    I also went through periods of different types of keep on trying...they may get it working yet. I have heard from my Medtronic rep that sometimes that is all you need.



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      Hi Dana:
      I have heard of this Dana, about the nerve..
      I know it is very hard Dana right now and you want it to work so bad too!!!
      Got my fingers cross that the nerve will get rested up and start doing what is suppose to do for you soon Dana..
      I am here for you anytime my bionic sister ok!!

      Hugs Debbie

      Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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        Hi Dana, I turn my stimulation off for one hour every night to let the nevere rest. This has helped me. Maybe it will do the same for you. Good Luck, Carolyn


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          Dana~they had the same problem with me. But, the sensation was in my big toe and they couldn't get it out so I asked for a medtronics rep to be there for my next adjustment, and it was the last one I've had to have in quite awhile. If you are not going to have a rep there, I would tell my dr to GET ONE THERE.....they is one available in all areas.
          Best of LUCK! teri
          Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow".