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  • Interstim working well

    Hi I hear alot of negative things about the interstim at these boards and I wanted to add my story to the mix.
    I have had good sucess with my implant my urgency and frequency have dramatically improved. I am now able to sleep all night and while I still have pain I think dealing with pain and interpertation of pain is improved when you are rested. I do take pain medication and I do have flares but the interstim has dramatically helped with coping with this disease. I see it as part of the puzzle not the whole piece and it helps me get through day to day and live my life in a more comfortable way.
    I have had days before my implant when I compared myself to a terminally ill person. I had significant pain and I was barely able to move.I would lie in bed and wonder what my life would be. With the interstim I now have a life agian.

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    As for me being the Moderator for the Nerve Stimulation boards, I know there has been lots of
    negative things about the interstim on these boards...
    It is so hard for us ones to read when we are having such wonderful results and being able to live a normal life..

    As for myself I had the InterStim Implant done almost three years and having the most wonderful results and having my life back to almost normal and back into the work force..
    I really don't know where I would be at this point if I did not do the InterStim Inplant...
    I was so ill for over 18 years and not being able to pee on my own for two and half years having to self-cath myself...
    I could not see myself doing that for many more years as I was unable to have a job or any kind of life in the most awful pain unable to go out shopping or even to be up out of bed at very long time and in and out of the hospital....

    There has been alot of pros and cons on this InterStim Implant procedure and it works so different on every person that has it done...
    All of us in our needs are different, some have lots of pain and that in is self has been aMISLED INFORTMATION BY MANY DOCTOR doing this procedure to tell their patients it will help with PAIN..
    THat will be a big discussion on this procedure for as long as doctor keep telling fault information to patients...
    Also having a well experience doctor that has done lots of these procedure will be a great benefit to anyone thinking about doing this procedure..

    There are lots of us having wonderful results with the InterStim Implant but lots of them don't come back and share their success stories or posted back as there are gone on with their life..

    I do agreed that we should share the bad and good of this procedure to other as of any other procedure or treatments mention on these IC boards...

    I will end by saying if we did not do these or try any of these new procedures that are offer to us to help us the ONLY WAY WE WILL KNOW IS TO TRY IT, YOU WILL NOT KNOW UNTIL YOU DO IT !!!!

    Thinking positive has got me through to another day!!


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      I am thinking about getting the interstim done. I was having urgency frequency all my life and only went a little at a time. I finally got Ic at 43 and urgency frequency and pain and all of it. I am now in my 3rd year and doing somewhat better. I wear the oxytrol patch and sometime I don't go for 7 hours, I cannot feel my bladder at times and at time I have to go all the time. I have not control on when I am going to need to pee and when I am retaining my urine for hours.
      Would I be a good candidate for the implant?
      I have an appt on the 29th and I am very scared since I work full time and have to.

      Does the interstim help with low back pain and urethral annoyance ( constant with me)
      I don't want to jump into something that is going to hurt me more down the road and there is a lot of horror stories all over this board and the other boards.
      Any comment would be appreciated you may also send me an direct email.


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        I have never got any pain relief from the Interstim. Usually it is for the urgency and freq only. Yes there is bad stuff but good as well. Me personally my experience has not been a good one. But there are some on here that have great luck with it. Do your research and be fully informed on it. We will support decision no matter what.
        God grant me the serinity to withstand the days ahead!!!

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          I have never gotten any pain relief from the interstim either. That was the very first question I asked my uro and he said asboutley not, you will get no pain relief, it is for the frequency and urgency. I agree you should do alot of research. I researched for a almost 2 years. please see this link
          hope you start feeing better... please keep us posted on what you decide to do.
          'The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.'


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            No pain relief either, but the rest of the relief I got was worth it.