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Finally sweeet success with Interstiem!!!!

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    Canada IC Coordinator

  • DebbieB
    Hi Trish:

    I am so happy you are having great results with the InterStim..
    I was wondering how you were doing Trish!!!

    Yes, I had the back pain for awhile and for some reason around a year and half with the InterStim the back pain appears again but just for a short time, I think it is getting used of your body at that point...that could be me , but I have heard others one mention it to!!!

    The longer the Implant is in you and all the adjustments are done, you will not even know it is in you either, I will have my InterStim Implant for three years in April, just can't believe it been that long too!!

    Just so happy for you Trish!!!

    Hugs: Debbie

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  • Trish
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  • Trish
    started a topic Finally sweeet success with Interstiem!!!!

    Finally sweeet success with Interstiem!!!!

    Finally since having my implant on March 15th, things are going good.I have been able to cut my pain meds. over half and that makes me so happy. Since my last adjustment three wks. ago my back pain decreased tremendously!! After feeling so tired and weak with severe lower back pain that ran into my buttocks, for nine months, I was really getting scared that I had done this for nothing. I thank My GOD...everyday,for this positive breakthrough!!!!