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  • Interstim & pain

    Has interstim helped any of you with pain? My main symptom is urethral pain along with urgency and I was wondering if it helped you all with pain even though it is not approved for IC pain?

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    I've had my implant for almost 2 years and it has not helped with my pain. The only thing that has helped my urethal pain has been a low doseage of Neurontin.

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      Hi I have had the interestim for just over a year and it helped me alot with pain. Sometimes I still flare,but it is a matter of a crapshoot on what type of foods bother me and I don't drink huge amounts of water at once like I used to so that has helped with the frq/urg that I was still getting off and on and STRESS is my biggest problem and I really found that out this past weekend. I was around a very pesimistic and sarcastic and negative person and I could feel my nerves getting bad and it dominoed to my bladder and then I could not pee very well and especially not to a releived feeling. I had a pretty good week otherwise, but COLD water(georgian Bay) for those of you who are familier with the area, was a little touch on the place where the electrodes are attached, but it was so hot the water was great. But yes to answer your question it did help me with pain


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        I have had an InterStim implant for almost three months. My worst symptom before the implant was a severe, very painful urge to urinate, though being unable to go. Now, after the implant, I rarely have that severe urge, though I still do have some pain--- it is much more manageable now.

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